11 Ways To Be Productive In Life

Like a lot of working women, I too have been trying to deal with the pandemic. It affects us mentally and physically. I feel so alone and often don’t know what to do even if I’m ready to hang out. 

For those of you who might have gone through the same things as me, I’ve put together some tips that will come in handy to get socialized and keep in step with future trends.

1. Make the most of online meeting tools.


We are living in the more and more digitized world. But ironically, it has seen a drastic development since this pandemic has started. To name a few, there are video conferencing softwares like Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, and TeamViewer.

Each tool has its own advantage. For example, Zoom has a recording mode and screen sharing. Skype has also a screen sharing feature, and it can invite many people without any time limitation. You can choose the one that works for you.

Etiquette is important. Remind yourself and don’t forget to set up a reminder for the others.

2. Make your own workstation

As long as we’re working from home, why not maximize our workplace?

Coming from the era of business where home and work were separate, we are now living in a time where many work from home. The problem is that if the space is not divided properly, the work-life balance starts to break. Let's create a work environment suitable for the Home Office.

 If you have a standing desk (I recommend a laptop stand brand, EURPMask. They even sell a portable, minimal standing desks for those who work moving around at home) an extra monitor, keyboard, a daily to do list, and a cute mouse pad, it’s perfect.


3. Make personalized rules

Make your own workstation

If you want to enjoy your leisure time to the fullest, you need a business hours rule. Create personalized rules and make them a habit. Be regular.

Utilize task organizers such as a desk calendar or weekly planner as much as possible. Make rules even for trivial matters.

You can set a rule like, 'Drink coffee in the morning. Morning coffee is beneficial, afternoon coffee is poisonous.' or 'Stretch for 5 minutes once an hour.'


4. Use cloud storage service like Google drive

There is no guarantee that the same desktop will be used for temporary working from home. Make drive storage a daily life. Not only drive, but also tools such as Google Sheets and Google Docs all have auto-saving, providing convenience, and are easy to share as well. If you've ever experienced your elaborate Excel work disappearing, take this opportunity to get acquainted with Google services. 


5. Make the planner and calendar visible.

Make planners visible

We are living in a fantastic digitized world but there’s a trap lurking. Have you ever wandered around a place with a bunch of taps? You can quickly see a lot of information, but it's the main culprit that distracts you. The reason you need a compass is that it gives you directions.

A planner on your desk —Whether it's a desk calendar, to do list pad, or post-it memo pad—acts as a compass to guide you. Download the to do list and meal planner template from Oriday free printable download library, use it on your desk 


6. Home training

Set up a yoga mat and a small space. Home training YouTube videos from Pamela Reif are highly recommended. Make time for you even if it's just 10 minutes a day. Daily fitness is important to maintain energy level as you can't go out freely without worrying.

If you are too hectic to manage your schedule for the home training, consider getting active fitness coaching from a fitness specialist, Lisa Kenny. She would definitely help you plan the action steps to regain balance, reduce the stress, and feel more fulfilled so you can truly enjoy your life. 


7. Let the sunlight come in.

let sunshine in your room

As we get insufficient vitamin D, it is important to let the sunlight shine around the house as much as possible. It also elevates your mood. 

See this short presentation from WebMD to check out why sunlight is so important.

8. Cook for yourself.

Treat yourself with delectable food! Our magnetic meal planner with shopping list will be helpful. You can tear off your shopping list to make shopping efficient.


9. Learn. Look for training opportunities

Whether you are in between jobs or have a job, there are plenty of opportunities to learn online. In this era of a pandemic, more online courses are available such as DIY lessons or work tips. Previously, they were paid services or available offline. There are free online classes services on Udemy, Coursera. On edxyou can even take Harvard or MIT classes for free.


10. Be positive.

Unemployment, lack of social activities may cause social depression. It's okay because it's natural. Look in the mirror and try a self-affirmation.

  • I love myself,
  • I am beautiful inside and out.
  • I appreciate everything I have
  • I am okay. We’re all going through this together.
  • I am successful in everything I do.

Contributing to the local community can increase your motivation for life. It might be nice to make a small donation.


11. Don’t forget greetings in your emails.

Small talk is all the talk you ever need if you want to succeed today.

Your kind, simple words can make another’s day. Change your email sign-off to something caring.

I've changed my one into 'stay safe, stay healthy'. If you want to see some creative and caring examples, refer to the article, 13 of the Best Email Sign-Offs to Use While Social Distancing from flexjobs. They are helpful and funny!




I understand. It’s easy to be emotional, whether you are a teacher who misses students, a nurse suffering from insomnia, or a mom or dad. We all are suddenly isolated. Instead of thinking that it will be over someday, let's adapt to the current situation and prepare for the future.

Let's grow our resilience.

Cheer up, wherever you are.


Stay safe.




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