Oriday is an independent stationary and lifestyle brand.

Oriday is a fashionable lifestyle stationary brand founded by independent creators. We make products that can help anyone organize their everyday life. Our collection of designs can help personalize your work space and lift up your mood, rooting for your dreams to come true.

We create innovative, new designs that inspire our customers and help them organize their daily life. With over 20 years of experience in printing technology, we continue to make products with the highest quality and durability, inspecting our partnered factories ourselves and aiming to the satisfaction of our customers. 

Your daily lives inspire us. Every products and tips on organization are our concern and goal. Among them we’ve discovered hand-writing things to-do, organizing schedules(timeline), and setting goals bring a great power in life. Thus we are passionate to transfer the energies we gain from your daily lives into inspirational products that inspire everyday of yours.
| WE CARE | 


We use recycled papers whenever possible and encourage our partners to do the same. We aim to make sustainable business decisions for our green planet.

Mind & Body

We experiment with abstract, geometric, and watercolor designs in consideration of their psychological effects on your mind. Because we believe that a simple addition of decor can bring positivity to your mood and the atmosphere of your work space, we feel that it is our mission to help you grow the mental muscles with our aesthetic designs.

Women’s Empowerment

We believe in empowering women. The whole idea behind Oriday is to bring control and confidence in your life with high-quality, designer products. As a small business run by a group of business women, our goal is to support women’s empowerment and help them make small and big achievements at their work. 

Lifestyle Accessory Design

Because we believe that lifestyle accessories can boost up your mood, we’d like to make those small changes for the betterment of your emotional health. Our accessories are so stylish and pretty that you will get so much compliment on your taste for accessory designs!

With Oriday, it has never been so easy and stylish to organize your day!