Make Time for You - Discover How To Lose The Mommy Weight, Plus Giveaway 11/16-11/20

discover how to lose the mommy weight and sign up for a giveaway event

Free-Challenge and Giveaway Collaboration will be held from 11/16 to 11/20!


Our collaboration started with the sympathy we felt for other mothers who also often struggle with managing their time and sometimes feel guilty for not having quality time with their kids.

All you need to do is to cherish yourself, and MAKE YOUR TIME.


It doesn’t have to be a full day or even hours. If you can get just a few minutes in a day, you can take it and do something for yourself.


Luckily, we have the skills and tools to manage those situations.


There will be 5 free tips for weight loss and time management in your mail-box every single day! We’re confident in saying they are proven, efficient tricks to help you amidst the craziness of motherhood.

There is a GIVEAWAY for 5-day Challenge participants from ORIDAY, a planning accessories brand, Honey Rae Soap, a handmade, natural soap brand, and UP2, a personalized garment brand! 


Along with Lisa’s fitness coaching, these three brands will provide cooperation and support to invigorate moms with donations. Check out our Instagram to discover the giveaway items!

Are you ready to discover tricks to lose the mommy weight

in just 5 days?

Make time for you giveaway event


discover how to lose the mommy weight