Productivity Organizer Pads Set

$15.99 $18.99

Our designer made planners encompass various daily lifestyle for anyone. Each pad has 52 sheets. Things To Buy pad has a magnet on the back so you can hang on the refrigerator. The paper is made in Korea, so it’s thick and extra smooth. With an Oriday planner’s set, you can handle whatever the week throws at you!

MAGNETIC SHOPPING LIST PAD : The undated meal planning shopping list pad helps plan things for lunch or dinner. With a thick, sturdy magnet on the back, you can put it on the fridge and take it for grocery shopping. The other section helps you prevent from running out of your daily necessity. 

WEEKLY PLANNER PAD : This cute planner helps you stay organized throughout the week. It has plenty of space to write down your schedule in a simple format. Different background colors for each date help you remember the important things to do. You can recall the plan for Thursday right off the bat, because you wrote that in a blue(Thursday) box. It’s worked for us. Test it out and tell us if this color coding scheme works to improve memory!

TO DO LIST : This task planner pad helps you prioritize things based on Rule of Three theory. No matter how many tasks you have to get done, there are only three activities that account for 90% of the value of what you do. So make a priority list and stay focused on it. On the to-do list section. take a moment and list down everything you have in your mind. Make multiple lists that are easy and obvious. Just jot down quickly and look at it often. Tick off quickly as soon as you complete it! It will give a sense of achievement and remove unnecessary stress.